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Ann Arbor, MI

All-male acapella group at the University of Michigan. ICCA 2013 and 2014 finalists.


Latest News

  • Saturday, March 21st - The G's win ICCA Semifinals and advance on to ICCA Finals in New York. Marty Gray wins "Best Arrangement" for the whole set, and Brett Burian + Lawrence Yong win "Best Vocal Percussion". No words can accurately convey how shocked and honored we are – it's really quite surreal.

  • Friday, March 27th - The G-Men host our "20th Anniversa-G" concert, with guests from 20 years of G-Men history. They tell us all about what it was like back when they were in the group.. On Saturday we get to know each other at a Cottage Inn catered banquet and find out things haven't actually changed much!

  • Saturday, April 18th - At ICCA Finals in NYC's Beacon Theatre, the G-Men place third and win special awards for best arrangement - Marty Gray, and best vocal percussion - Brett Burian and Lawrence Yong. Once again we are honored to have competed with the best collegiate groups in the country and around the world!

  • Friday April 24th - Congratulations to our new Executive Board, Sam Cummins, Marty Gray and Jeremiah Ortega! We humbly await your glorious vision.

Upcoming Events

  • Our Summer hiatus - We'll be gone all summer so don't expect much.



The G-Men (or Gentlemen for long) are the premier all-male a cappella group at the University of Michigan. They are known for their massive triceps, fanatical obsession with guppies, and for rocking audiences with the power of 100 raging Mark Ruffalo's.

In recent years, the G-Men have competed in ICCA Finals in New York City's Town Hall, toured extensively across the US, and performed privately for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.