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Ann Arbor, MI

The G-Men (or Gentlemen for long) are the premier all-male a cappella group at the University of Michigan. They are known for their massive triceps, fanatical obsession with guppies, and for rocking audiences with the power of 100 raging Mark Ruffalos.


Tour Blog

From February 23 - March 4, 2018, The G-Men will embark on a tour of the Midwest on a mission to have the best spring break anyone has ever had had in the history of mankind. Current G Brian "Coach" Guo will post a daily blog, recapping the day's events and providing insight into life on G-Men TOUR. 


The G-Men

Saturday, March 3 and Sunday, March 4 - First off, HUGE thank you to Nick's parents for hosting us in their home in Port Washington Friday night. When everyone eventually woke up Saturday morning, they had already made an awesome breakfast for us. After breakfast, we took to the driveway to play some basketball and see who is the biggest baller of the group. I'll leave it to you to guess who it was. 

Another BIG GAME Saturday as Michigan was playing Michigan State in the Big Ten Tournament Semifinal, and Nick's parents were kind enough to let us watch it in their MANCAVE basement and order pizza for us. We also came to realize how many aspiring rock artists were among the G-Men as the electric guitar and drum set were at full blast the entire morning. Michigan came out with a big W and then it was time to head off to our last stop, Northwestern. 

We were grateful to have the opportunity to open a concert for Significant Others, an all-female a cappella group from Northwestern. The concert was really fun and Sig-O delivered some powerful, upbeat and exciting music. Huge thank you to Sig-O for allowing us to come share our music! It was a great way to spend the last night of tour! 

BUT WAIT... there's more! Post-concert, we made our way to Giordano's for a taste of some Chicago deep dish pizza. MONEY SHOT :O --> 


After hanging out with Sig-O for the night and sharing some songs and stories, we stayed at the apartment of Kevin Anthony, a G-Men alum (thank you Kevin!!). The next morning, it was unfortunately time to end tour and set our GPSs to Ann Arbor. On the way back, we had to stop in Chinatown to get some Dim Sum. We feasted on pork buns, ribs, beef tripe and chicken feet (mmmm)! Although we had to say goodbye to Chicago, we will be back in two weeks for ICCA Semifinals! As a cherry on top, Michigan won the Big Ten Tournament championship by beating Purdue 75-66! Maybe we should keep touring since tour = wins?!?!

Sentimental ending:
Thank you for following The G-Men along our weeklong adventure of shenanigans and singing. It's been my pleasure sharing our journey with you and if you have any suggestions to where we should go next year, leave a comment! Sorry Jordan! - Brian


The G-Men

Friday, March 2 - After a fun and exciting night with Pitches and Notes in Madison, we began the day exploring more of Madison, which has been one of our favorite cities we've visited on tour. Thomas, Austin and I started the day by visiting a coffee shop that one of our new friends in Pitches and Notes, Anna, works at. Huge thank you to Anna for buying us coffee!! Such nice people! Next, we visited the Wisconsin State Capitol trying to find Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin. We searched to and fro, but the man was nowhere to be found. Disappointed at our failure, we made our way to Chen's Dumpling House for some fire Chinese food for lunch. 

Before leaving Madison, we had to make one more trip to Lake Mendota to take some dope pictures and throw the frisbee. Modeling inquiries can be sent to

<h> MILWAUKEE </h>
We rolled into Milwaukee and met up with The Meladies, an all-female a cappella group from Marquette University. We exchanged names and some songs and ate dinner at what can best be described as an cool little on-campus Buffalo Wild Wings. 

Lastly, we hung out with The Meladies and Naturals, the all-male a cappella group at Marquette. During our fun shindig, Nick's brother, Matt, a senior at Marquette, arrived and we were all shocked by their striking resemblance. They are three years apart, or are they? Nobody knows. Both the Naturals and Meladies were awesome to hang out with and we will definitely be back in the future! 

Marquette was fun and tour goes on and on - Brian


The G-Men

Thursday, March 1 - (disclaimer long post but I promise it's worth it) The day began with Guoden Ramsay whipping up a hot breakfast for the boys consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. Guoden had a short crisis when he realized there was no more cooking oil, but genius struck when he realized he could use the bacon fat from frying the bacon to cook the eggs. Those 16 Michelin Stars were well earned. 

After breakfast, the boys had some free time to either go back to the waterpark, work out, or watch League of Legends YouTube videos. Jake and I decided to hit the waterpark one more time and rode some slides, hit the outdoor hot tub and did some rad tricks on the surf simulator. After our last adventures in Kalahari, it was sadly time to leave and head to our next exciting destination, Madison, Wisconsin. 

IT'S THE BIG GAME. We first stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch Michigan take on Iowa in the second round of the Big Ten basketball tournament. It was a back and forth, intense game that needed overtime to determine a winner. Despite going 3-19 from the three point line (bad) and shooting 56% from the free throw line (also bad), Michigan pulled out a 77-71 win and advanced (good), which put everyone (especially me) in a good mood for the rest of the day. 

After a big meal and big win, we met up with our hosts, Pitches and Notes, and explored some of Madison, a city so beautiful and plentiful of great food choices I considered transferring to Wisconsin until I realized that wouldn't be a good idea. We also ventured down to frozen Lake Mendota and threw the football around while sliding around like curlers on a curling rink. After, we took a stroll down State Street and visited some shops and caught a glimpse of the Wisconsin State Capitol, which is the only state capitol that is built on an isthmus (bonus points if you know what an isthmus is). 

Next up, a pizza party with Pitches and Notes. As people tried to learn everyone's names and find out who was actually in charge, we enjoyed a dinner provided by P&N of pizza, salad, and some good salt and vinegar chips. After, we shared some of our songs with each other and not surprisingly, P&N were AMAZING and their renditions of Machine, This is Me and The Valley were powerful and musically engaging. THEY'RE REALLY GOOD GO SHOW SOME LOVE ON THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE AND YOUTUBE AND ALL THAT JAZZZZZZZZZ

Lastly, it was time for a little get together to wind down the night. Jordan and Grace, two members of P&N, hosted all of us and also let us play with their pet rats, Chester and Malcolm. These were not your typical sewer rats. They were adorable little animals that loved climbing onto your back and interacting with new people. I also wrote a poem from fridge magnets that I thought y'all would appreciate! P&N were an awesome group to hang out with and we were super stoked to learn that they would be performing at our ICCA semifinal in 2 weeks so we'd get to see them again in the near future!

With three more days left in TOUR, I realize I didn't introduce the entire group to the viewing audience, so here's a list of all the G-Men on tour and some of their qualities...

David - Charming, dependable, ladies man. Never afraid to tell you how wonderful you are. 

Conrad - Leader, charismatic, happy boy. Knows what needs to be done and how to have fun!

Evan - Always has a better solution to any problem, cares for us all no matter what

Austin - NEVA UNHAPPY. This boy got more energy than a nuclear fission reaction. It's great

Thomas - Need a pick me up? He's got his moped and his delightful personality!

Jeremy - GODDAMN GENIUS. If you got a higher gpa you lying 

Kyle - Beyoncé's protégé, beautiful face, Korean, HYPEBEAST

George - Deep voice, deep feelings. Loves conversation and being a bright light in someone's day

Owen - Team player, straight up. Loves conversation (must be a bass thing) and always charming

Adreesh - Lovable. Great smile, always there for others and ready to get HYPEEEEEEEEEE

Jake - Who doesn't love Jake? He's literally a walking hug machine

Danny - Just the happiest, most excited person at all times no matter what. Everyone loves Danny

Nick - Human garageband. Knows his way around the rhythm of the music and life

Brian - He sucks man ain't nobody like brian 

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to Daniel who isn't with us on tour, but is a current G and is at home studying for the MCAT. We love Daniel for his positivity, energy and spirit he brings to The G-Men.

Wipe away your tears of joy and pat yourself on the back for reading all of this. It's late, I gotta wake up pretty early, and see y'all tomorrow :) - Brian



The G-Men

Wednesday, February 28 - Wake up, it's WATERPARK DAY. The boys rolled out of the Iowa House Hotel and took the road to Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells, the "Waterpark Capital of the World." First, chef Guoden Ramsay and his sous chefs took to Walmart to purchase ingredients for tonight's dinner and tomorrow's breakfast.

After stocking the fridge, it was on to Kalahari and we settled into what can best be described as a hotel accommodation fit for Lavar Ball himself. The multilevel villa had beds for all 14 G-Men (possibly a tour first), a pool table, a full kitchen and multiple basketball viewing areas. It was a welcome shift from the carpeted floors and squishy sardines situations traditionally found on tour. 

After some chill time, it was time to hit the WATERPARK. The G-Men had been cutting for 3 months in preparation to hit the tropical conditions of the indoor waterpark. As a result of it being a Wednesday in late February, the waterpark wasn't very busy and we were able to go on all of the rides as many times as our little hearts desired. One of the rides was pretty wild; you would stand in a capsule and the floor would simply drop under you and send you straight down the slide at the speed of human. Also, in the water basketball match, Jake, Conrad, Thomas, Adreesh and Danny defeated Brian, Kyle, David, Nick and Owen 11-7 in an intense and hard-fought battle. 

Waterparks are very tiring, and it was time for Guoden and his staff to prepare tonight's supper. The menu consisted of ground chuck burgers with sharp cheddar cheese, buttered buns and toppings, premium Tyson chicken nuggets, fresh Walmart rotisserie chicken and hand-made french fries by sous chef Austin Wolfgram. The burgers came out a perfect medium and Austin's fries put McDonald's to shame. 

The Bucks lost to the Pistons, which means they're 1-4 since tour started (sorry Nick). 

The rest of the night has been restful and the boys are happy to get a day off of gigging, but that won't stop anyone from giving their boisterous rendition of "Who Am I" or "Stars" from Les Mis. One day more, another day another city, this never ending road to ___stay tuned to find out___


































Sorry for the long post - Brian  


The G-Men

Tuesday, February 27 - First things first.... a special poem by our music director, Austin Wolfgram

When friends surrender weeks on end
To stay and sing and play pretend
A special sort of thing is born
That’s free from rife or strife or scorn

As fields of corn go rolling by
The ocean as their alibi
The subtle wind berates the trees
A muddled song astride the breeze

A Gmen Tour! It’s here at last
They’ve waited, worked, it’s come to pass!
The day is come, the hour is nigh
The sun is low, the moon is high

It’s sleeping on a cold, hard floor
It’s screaming till your throat is sore
It’s missing those you’ve left at home
It’s walking blind, but not alone

A playground of forgotten things
The brotherhood a breakfast brings
It’s passersby who stop and freeze
To tune in to a due reprise

It’s taters in your mac and cheese
To sing as sweetly as you can
To sway and swing and sweep the land
With all the kinship you’ve unearthed

To give new friendships joyous birth
A Gmen tour is this and more
I hope you liked this poem, Jor

Now wipe those tears off your face and keep reading... the boys had a well-deserved break from morning activities and slept in until someone started playing John Oliver's segment about the Italian election really loudly -__-. We then gathered our belongings and went to Fort Jesse Cafe for an amazing brunch with big portions to hold us off until our visit to The University of Iowa.

Now comes one of the more interesting stops on tour. Instead of staying with Old Gold, an a cappella group at Iowa, they were nice enough to book us rooms at the Iowa House Hotel because many of them had midterms and unfortunately couldn't meet with us as an entire group. Huge thank you to Javon Stovall from Old Gold for setting us up in the hotel and taking care of us during our visit. Before our gigs, we were able to explore a little bit of campus, and I even joined (and won) a basketball game on the outdoor courts #NevaLost #BBB #StayinYoLane.

After, we were invited to sing at the University of Iowa Student Government meeting by my good friend Abby Simon (shoutout!), a senator. We had a blast singing for them and the amount of love showed on their Snap stories was incredible! 

Next, it was time for some din din. A couple members from Old Gold brought us to a local Mexican restaurant, Cactus, and we enjoyed watching the Bucks lose (sorry Nick) and having some tasty food. We even got to perform Mr. Brightside for the restaurant crowd (right pic) and sang happy birthday to someone a few tables down!

The night was far from over. Right as we stepped out of the restaurant, we set up shop at the corner of the street and sang for whoever was wandering Iowa City on a Tuesday night. A group of girls even pulled over and ran over to hear us sing! We then strolled over to Abby's apartment and serenaded her and her roommates who instantly became our newest fans (shoutout!). Today has been one of the funnest singing days yet and we are so grateful for the opportunity to share our music with so many awesome people! - Brian 


The G-Men

Monday, February 26 -  The G-Men began the day at with the students of the Parkway North High School choir, who were nice enough to spend 30 minutes listening to us perform and asking some questions about how low George can sing and why Austin bends his knees so much when he sings. We also sang happy birthday as a group to Austin's lovely mother. We thoroughly enjoyed being able to visit high school students and encourage them to continue singing past high school. EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH !!!!!!!!!!!


It's fun to stay at the... 


The G-Men took a break to lift, hoop and swim. Austin benched 205 and I dunked on a hoop that may or may not have been 10 ft. It felt good to burn a couple of calories after the first two days of bad gastronomical decision making. SPORTS !!!!!!!!!!

Next stop, Illinois State University. On the way there, Adreesh and I listened to an interesting podcast about the creation of Airbnb. Did you know that to pay off their credit card bills, the founders of Airbnb sold cereal titled "Obama Os" and "Cap'n McCain's" during the 2008 presidential campaign and raised over $20,000. ENTREPRENEURSHIP !!!!!!!!!

Upon arrival at Illinois State, we were greeted by Secondary Dominance, an all-girls group. We ate dinner at McAlister's Deli and then joined them at rehearsal to exchange our ICCA sets. It just happens that they will also be at our ICCA Great Lakes Semifinal in Chicago (WE WILL D. After watching their set and performing our set for them, we realized we would have to step up our game to compete with their incredible talent and energy. They are super cool for chilling with us on a Monday night and welcoming us to their homes and apartments. shoutout illinois state we'll be back :) TOUR !!!!!!!!!! 

"I don't know about you but I'm feeling 23 and like nothing matters." I was told to make a sentence using the word "esoteric" in the passive voice by a wise friend. - Brian


The G-Men

Sunday, February 25 - "Woof," said the dog as it passed The G-Men singing in front of the Chuck Berry statue on Delmar St. The boys began the day busking on the streets of St. Louis, singing some classics for anyone who felt like getting yelled at by 14 vocally strained dudes. 

After, we made a trip to the legendary Pappy's Smokehouse to sample some of the best BBQ around. In the words of Guy Fieri, "I could put this on a flip-flop and it would taste good." 

After eating a lot of calories and losing all gains from the past 3 weeks, we set of to the City Museum, which is basically the world's greatest playground made with found objects from the city of St. Louis. We got to go down some huge slides and slither through some obstacle courses.

The Gateway Arch is a 630-foot (192 m) monument in St. Louis in the U.S. state of Missouri. Clad in stainless steel and built in the form of a weighted catenary arch, it is the world's tallest arch, the tallest man-made monument in the Western Hemisphere, and Missouri's tallest accessible building - Wikipedia


The day ended with a dinner and rehearsal/song exchange with The Greenleafs, an all-female A Cappella group at WashU who also are graciously hosting us for the night. In the end, it was a fun, busy day and there were a few bumps along the way but the group came together and powered through yet another day on TOURRRRR. Much more to come... - Brian 



The G-Men

Saturday, February 24 - Trying to wake up The G-Men is like trying to fly. You can't. After dreaming about how great of a host Resting Pitch Face was, we set out to the campus of Indiana University to exchange songs with Resting Pitch Face and Hooshir, a Jewish A Cappella group at Indiana. Both groups were awesome musically and great people to hang out with!

After, we all congregated at Mr. Hibachi, a flame Chinese buffet with a mean lunch price. We all maximized our calorie/dollar ratios and set off for a 4 hour drive to St. Louis. At one point, it was raining so hard I could barely see in front of me but the show must go on and we eventually made it to Washington University in St. Louis. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to open a concert for The Amateurs, who gave an incredible concert with songs such as Love on the Brain (Rihanna), Creeks (Bon Iver) and Guillotine (Jon Bellion). Their energy on stage and amazing musicality was inspiring and the crowd was hype! Definitely show them some love on Spotify/Apple Music/Grooveshark/Napster! We will have videos from this performance uploaded soon :)

After the concert, we all attended a big get together to celebrate the concert. It's a small world after all. Jeremy met someone who dated his best friend in high school and I met someone who plays ultimate with someone I played against in high school. Woah. Crazy right??? Ok anyway here's a picture of my dinner (it was v good shoutout Seoul Taco 8/8 would recommend)

IMG_2322 3.JPG

The Amateurs are graciously hosting us for the night, and what a fun day it has been. Tomorrow will be a rest day for the boys as we visit St. Louis and hopefully stuff our faces with barbecue and maybe sing to (annoy) some unsuspecting passerbys on the street... stay tuned - Brian


The G-Men

Friday, February 23 - TOURRR! TOURRRRRRR! TTTOUOUUORRRRRRR!! We met up promptly at 5:15 to prepare for the week-long adventure of fun and excitement. After a quick meeting and some pre-tour celebration, we set off for a 5 hour drive to Bloomington, Indiana. Per usual, we left about 20 minutes late.


When we arrived in Bloomington, our hosts, Resting Pitch Face, graciously invited us into their home and spent the night with us singing, dancing, and trying to beat us in Super Smash Bros with no success. 

What would the first night of tour be without a group of Gs going to Kroger at 11:30pm and buying some cold chicken, chips and salsa and eating it in the parking lot???

TOUR is off to a swashbuckling start, only more exciting things to come! - Brian

Welcome to The G-Men tour blog! (it hasn't started yet this is just an intro)

The G-Men

Hey everyone, it's Brian, head coach and co-tour manager of The Michigan G-Men. Every spring break, The G-Men embark on a week-long extravaganza of singing, building relationships, and spending lots of money on gas. From Friday, February 23 - Sunday, March 4, The G-Men will cover over 1,500 miles of the great Midwest from Indiana to Missouri to Wisconsin and back to Michigan right in time to oversleep and skip the first Monday of class (sorry mom). Along the way, we will be treated by some wonderful hosts ranging from other college a cappella groups to... a waterpark (?!?! :O).

This blog will be posted (hopefully) daily, giving whoever cares the opportunity to experience life as a G-Man on tour. For the 5 of you that will read this (hi mom! hi dad!), I hope you feel a rush of excitement and jubilance that can only be found when cutting into a perfect medium rare steak. Be sure to like our Facebook page and subscribe below for updates on when the blog is updated!