Day 4

Monday, March 4 - Last morning in UVA, we were sad to leave but ready to tackle the next adventure ahead. Quick shoutout to the Chinese food scene in Charlottesville… these eggplant noodles with fried dumplings were excellent. It’s the same chain as the place I already reviewed so I won’t dive too deep but the noodles and the sauce had a great flavor. My only wish is that the noodles where more traditional wheat noodles rather than the more eggy noodles.


After a quick full-group debrief, it was time to pack our bags and head to our next destination, Raleigh, NC. We rolled up at North Carolina State University to a beautiful, sunny, 50 degree day. The frisbee made an appearance and Kyle learned how to throw a forehand flick really quickly, proving the fact that we are student-athlete-singers. Jeremy and Kyle started planning for a summer trip to Europe where they will be touring and performing all of their g men solos.

When I first heard we were going to Coco Bongo for dinner, I immediately thought of this huge nightclub I saw in Punta Cana which looked more like a small basketball arena. Anyway, our host group, Acappology, met us for dinner and we enjoyed some nice Mexican food
HAHAHHHAAHAH restaurant review time… Coco Bongo has a 4.4 star rating on Google, so we’ll examine (based on a small sample size) if it is worthy of that mark. First off, the ambiance is 10/10. You really get a cantina vibe mixed with all you would expect from a restaurant very popular with college kids. The server was very friendly and immediately served us warm chips and salsa. I ordered a carne asada plate, which was pretty good overall. The rice and refried beans were good, but nothing special. The guacamole and salad on the side were a nice touch to balance out the fat of the meat and the salty beans. The meat itself was thinly sliced and tender, but it was a bit over seasoned and overshadowed the nicely grilled onions on top. I was super hungry during this so maybe that made it better than it was… who knows. Not bad but I’ve definitely had better Mexican food other places. I’d probably give it around a 3.7534/4… It’s a great atmosphere though so I can see why many people come here to enjoy a meal with their friends!


Before retiring for the night, Acappology invited us to sing with them at the student center, which was a super cool experience. We probably entertained most and pissed off others who were trying to study, but a small crowd gathered and we performed some of our favorites for the Wolfpack crowd. Acappology then sang some of their own songs and damn… they got some big baller soloists. Their energy was awesome and if you want to hear their music, look them up on Spotify!!

As I’m writing this… Nick got a 4/10 on the autograder and Spencer is about to submit an essay late that he got a 24 hour extension on. Cheers to the fun governor! - coach

The G-Men