Day 3

Sunday, March 3 - Jake, Nick, Kyle and I woke up to the aroma of waffles a breakfast casserole whipped up by our host, Tori. Nick…


No traveling today! We met our next host group, the Virginia Belles, at a brunch spot called Fig. The $2 mimosas were a popular move and the food was excellent.


After brunch, it was time for the big ballers to hit the courts. We had the whole gym to ourselves for awhile and played some games of 4v4. The teams were Kyle, Jeremy, Josh *(a UVA student we picked up) and Spencer vs me, Thomas, Nick and Adreesh. It was a tightly contested battle, with Jeremy and Kyle playing some nice two-man ball and Nick knocking down some big jumpers. In the end, the team with G-Men prevailed. Jeremy did go down with an ankle injury so he is day to day but fear not he will be full go for ICCA next weekend :)

No offseason here, it was time for rehearsal. We have ICCA coming up the weekend after we get back, so it was time to put in some work and polish up our music for the big game. The neighbors were treated to lots of almost in tune yelling…. sorry bout that.


Although it was a Sunday night and many of them had classes and even exams the next day, the Belles came over and had a fun mixer, sharing songs and playing some thought-provoking games. They were a bit low on numbers so Nick stepped in to VP their songs… they got some serious talent and energy be sure to check out their YouTube page!


UVA, it’s been real. We came here my freshman year and not much has changed… everyone we’ve met has been super awesome and fun to be with. On to the next one - coach

The G-Men