Day 6

Wednesday, March 6 - Alright y’all, things just got real. Brian is off in New York at a big baller interview. So, while he’s off doing his big baller things (and we do wish him some big baller luck), I, Danny, am taking over this big baller blog. 

Once again, I would love to thank THV for an amazing stay. One would think that going to a karaoke bar with a bunch of a cappella kids would be a questionable move, but watching Jake sing Defying Gravity was actually the highlight of tour for me so far. 

The G-Men left Chapel Hill at 11:30am to arrive in Norfolk, VA at 4pm for a relaxing detour on the beach. It was pretty cold, but the beach was still there, and it still looked pretty. Here are some cute pictures that were taken throughout the day.

There are not many priorities on tour rest days other than sleep, nutrition and SKINCARE. Mhhhm, Spencer and I indulged in a lovely Lush face mask. So, in the spirit of skincare, and by popular demand (I’m looking at you, Mari), I will walk you guys through my skincare routine. 


I like to keep things simple, so my routine is typically the same in the morning as it is before bed, with a few tweaks to account for sunlight. My skin is quite sensitive and oily (nice combo, huh?), so I begin my routine with a gentle cleanse with Fresh Pharmacy from Lush. This soothing cleanser makes sure to remove any dirt from your skin, yet does not overdo it, this way it avoids any irritation. Next, I give my skin a generous spray with Breath of Fresh Air toner from Lush. This toner really evens out skin tone and promotes a healthy production of natural oils. After toning, I apply a generous amount of Imperialis moisturizer from Lush. This is a pretty generic moisturizer which works for most people, so I suggest trying it out if you’re not sure what your skin needs! Finally, if I know I’ll be going outside, I’ll apply some Neutrogena 55 spf sunscreen to protect my fair, redhead skin from the sun. 

If you guys have any questions about skincare, hit me up! Alright, into the next day of tour.

The G-Men