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Ann Arbor, MI

The G-Men (or Gentlemen for long) are the premier all-male a cappella group at the University of Michigan. They are known for their massive triceps, fanatical obsession with guppies, and for rocking audiences with the power of 100 raging Mark Ruffalos.

Tour Blog

Day 7

The G-Men

Thursday, March 7 - Since Brian spent most of his day in NYC doing his thang, it looks like I’ll be making a triumphant return to the blog (it’s Danny again!). Our usual and favorite reporter said his interview went really well though, so I guess it was all worth it in the end.

The G-Men left the house at Norfolk in the morning in an impeccable state (we got a 5-star rating on Airbnb so big YAAASSS), and set out to the nation’s capital: Washington DC. After dropping off our bb Jake at the airport, who we already miss dearly, the Gs dispersed and explored everything this awesome city has to offer. Some of our more studious members went to do work at the library. I, however, have messed up priorities and keeping my gram fresh and hip is the single most important thing in my life; so a couple Gs headed over to the beautiful Georgetown Waterfront and took some really cute pictures.

After some fun on the G-town Waterfront, the G-Men headed Northwest to meet up with American University’s Treble in Paradise for an awesome dinner at Cactus Cantina, followed by a really fun mixer at one of their member’s apartment. It was so great to get to meet, listen to and sing for Treble in Paradise. When it got too late for us to stay awake, the Gs hit the sheets and got a good night’s sleep. Also, the Gs got to meet my uncle’s dog, Leia, and I believe all parties really enjoyed each other’s presence.

Alright, y’all, onto the second to last night of tour!!