Welcome to The G-Men tour blog! (it hasn't started yet this is just an intro)

Hey everyone, it's Brian, head coach and co-tour manager of The Michigan G-Men. Every spring break, The G-Men embark on a week-long extravaganza of singing, building relationships, and spending lots of money on gas. From Friday, February 23 - Sunday, March 4, The G-Men will cover over 1,500 miles of the great Midwest from Indiana to Missouri to Wisconsin and back to Michigan right in time to oversleep and skip the first Monday of class (sorry mom). Along the way, we will be treated by some wonderful hosts ranging from other college a cappella groups to... a waterpark (?!?! :O).

This blog will be posted (hopefully) daily, giving whoever cares the opportunity to experience life as a G-Man on tour. For the 5 of you that will read this (hi mom! hi dad!), I hope you feel a rush of excitement and jubilance that can only be found when cutting into a perfect medium rare steak. Be sure to like our Facebook page and subscribe below for updates on when the blog is updated! 

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