Friday, February 23 - TOURRR! TOURRRRRRR! TTTOUOUUORRRRRRR!! We met up promptly at 5:15 to prepare for the week-long adventure of fun and excitement. After a quick meeting and some pre-tour celebration, we set off for a 5 hour drive to Bloomington, Indiana. Per usual, we left about 20 minutes late.


When we arrived in Bloomington, our hosts, Resting Pitch Face, graciously invited us into their home and spent the night with us singing, dancing, and trying to beat us in Super Smash Bros with no success. 

What would the first night of tour be without a group of Gs going to Kroger at 11:30pm and buying some cold chicken, chips and salsa and eating it in the parking lot???

TOUR is off to a swashbuckling start, only more exciting things to come! - Brian

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