Saturday, February 24 - Trying to wake up The G-Men is like trying to fly. You can't. After dreaming about how great of a host Resting Pitch Face was, we set out to the campus of Indiana University to exchange songs with Resting Pitch Face and Hooshir, a Jewish A Cappella group at Indiana. Both groups were awesome musically and great people to hang out with!

After, we all congregated at Mr. Hibachi, a flame Chinese buffet with a mean lunch price. We all maximized our calorie/dollar ratios and set off for a 4 hour drive to St. Louis. At one point, it was raining so hard I could barely see in front of me but the show must go on and we eventually made it to Washington University in St. Louis. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to open a concert for The Amateurs, who gave an incredible concert with songs such as Love on the Brain (Rihanna), Creeks (Bon Iver) and Guillotine (Jon Bellion). Their energy on stage and amazing musicality was inspiring and the crowd was hype! Definitely show them some love on Spotify/Apple Music/Grooveshark/Napster! We will have videos from this performance uploaded soon :)

After the concert, we all attended a big get together to celebrate the concert. It's a small world after all. Jeremy met someone who dated his best friend in high school and I met someone who plays ultimate with someone I played against in high school. Woah. Crazy right??? Ok anyway here's a picture of my dinner (it was v good shoutout Seoul Taco 8/8 would recommend)

IMG_2322 3.JPG

The Amateurs are graciously hosting us for the night, and what a fun day it has been. Tomorrow will be a rest day for the boys as we visit St. Louis and hopefully stuff our faces with barbecue and maybe sing to (annoy) some unsuspecting passerbys on the street... stay tuned - Brian

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