Monday, February 26 -  The G-Men began the day at with the students of the Parkway North High School choir, who were nice enough to spend 30 minutes listening to us perform and asking some questions about how low George can sing and why Austin bends his knees so much when he sings. We also sang happy birthday as a group to Austin's lovely mother. We thoroughly enjoyed being able to visit high school students and encourage them to continue singing past high school. EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH !!!!!!!!!!!


It's fun to stay at the... 


The G-Men took a break to lift, hoop and swim. Austin benched 205 and I dunked on a hoop that may or may not have been 10 ft. It felt good to burn a couple of calories after the first two days of bad gastronomical decision making. SPORTS !!!!!!!!!!

Next stop, Illinois State University. On the way there, Adreesh and I listened to an interesting podcast about the creation of Airbnb. Did you know that to pay off their credit card bills, the founders of Airbnb sold cereal titled "Obama Os" and "Cap'n McCain's" during the 2008 presidential campaign and raised over $20,000. ENTREPRENEURSHIP !!!!!!!!!

Upon arrival at Illinois State, we were greeted by Secondary Dominance, an all-girls group. We ate dinner at McAlister's Deli and then joined them at rehearsal to exchange our ICCA sets. It just happens that they will also be at our ICCA Great Lakes Semifinal in Chicago (WE WILL D. After watching their set and performing our set for them, we realized we would have to step up our game to compete with their incredible talent and energy. They are super cool for chilling with us on a Monday night and welcoming us to their homes and apartments. shoutout illinois state we'll be back :) TOUR !!!!!!!!!! 

"I don't know about you but I'm feeling 23 and like nothing matters." I was told to make a sentence using the word "esoteric" in the passive voice by a wise friend. - Brian

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