Tuesday, February 27 - First things first.... a special poem by our music director, Austin Wolfgram

When friends surrender weeks on end
To stay and sing and play pretend
A special sort of thing is born
That’s free from rife or strife or scorn

As fields of corn go rolling by
The ocean as their alibi
The subtle wind berates the trees
A muddled song astride the breeze

A Gmen Tour! It’s here at last
They’ve waited, worked, it’s come to pass!
The day is come, the hour is nigh
The sun is low, the moon is high

It’s sleeping on a cold, hard floor
It’s screaming till your throat is sore
It’s missing those you’ve left at home
It’s walking blind, but not alone

A playground of forgotten things
The brotherhood a breakfast brings
It’s passersby who stop and freeze
To tune in to a due reprise

It’s taters in your mac and cheese
To sing as sweetly as you can
To sway and swing and sweep the land
With all the kinship you’ve unearthed

To give new friendships joyous birth
A Gmen tour is this and more
I hope you liked this poem, Jor

Now wipe those tears off your face and keep reading... the boys had a well-deserved break from morning activities and slept in until someone started playing John Oliver's segment about the Italian election really loudly -__-. We then gathered our belongings and went to Fort Jesse Cafe for an amazing brunch with big portions to hold us off until our visit to The University of Iowa.

Now comes one of the more interesting stops on tour. Instead of staying with Old Gold, an a cappella group at Iowa, they were nice enough to book us rooms at the Iowa House Hotel because many of them had midterms and unfortunately couldn't meet with us as an entire group. Huge thank you to Javon Stovall from Old Gold for setting us up in the hotel and taking care of us during our visit. Before our gigs, we were able to explore a little bit of campus, and I even joined (and won) a basketball game on the outdoor courts #NevaLost #BBB #StayinYoLane.

After, we were invited to sing at the University of Iowa Student Government meeting by my good friend Abby Simon (shoutout!), a senator. We had a blast singing for them and the amount of love showed on their Snap stories was incredible! 

Next, it was time for some din din. A couple members from Old Gold brought us to a local Mexican restaurant, Cactus, and we enjoyed watching the Bucks lose (sorry Nick) and having some tasty food. We even got to perform Mr. Brightside for the restaurant crowd (right pic) and sang happy birthday to someone a few tables down!

The night was far from over. Right as we stepped out of the restaurant, we set up shop at the corner of the street and sang for whoever was wandering Iowa City on a Tuesday night. A group of girls even pulled over and ran over to hear us sing! We then strolled over to Abby's apartment and serenaded her and her roommates who instantly became our newest fans (shoutout!). Today has been one of the funnest singing days yet and we are so grateful for the opportunity to share our music with so many awesome people! - Brian 

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