Day 9 - Wraps

Saturday, March 9 - Sunday, March 10

Tour 2019 has come to an end and what better way to celebrate than waking up realizing that the time leaped forward because Benjamin Franklin decided in 1784 that daylight savings was a good idea.

Anyway, Saturday, we packed our bags, thanked our awesome hosts at Hopkins and made the trek to Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. Upon arrival, 7 Gs immediately invaded Chinatown for a big baller meal of hand pulled noodles, dumplings and copious amounts of chili oil. When we finished eating, food coma immediately set in and the decision was made to start heading back to Ann Arbor. Was this a singing tour or a Chinese food tour???

Instead of making the entire 9 hour trek in one drive, we made a pit stop at Evan’s family home in Cleveland, which was a welcome relief from the monsoon that made the drive very dodgy. However, we did make it safely and spent the night watching Hercules and remembering a lot less of the movie than all of us had thought. The next morning, it was time to head back to Ann Arbor and come back to the reality that all the schoolwork we had planned to work on over tour was still waiting patiently in our backpacks.

Overall, it’s been an awesome week and we can’t thank our host groups enough for all of their time and preparation to welcome us to their campuses and much cleaner apartments. Tour may be over, but we are getting right back into it with ICCA Semifinals happening next weekend in Chicago (bonus post?). Big baller thank you to Danny for taking this over for the two days I was gone (still don’t know if I got the job yet pray for ya boy) and you bet we’ll be back next year with more tales from the road. Zai jian.

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