Day 8

Friday, March 8 - Hi it’s Brian I’m back for the last couple days! Shoutout Danny for big baller covering for me while I was gone.

It was a pretty choose-your-own adventure day for the boys. Some of us chose to chill out and do some work, others went to check out some of the sights and sounds of DC. Jeremy, Ajay and I went on a private tour of the U.S. Capitol led by one of Ajay’s high school friends, an intern for Senator Dianne Feinstein. It was an awesome experience, we even got to ride the not so secret senate subway system that connects the office buildings to the Capitol building itself.

We then visited the Rotunda, old Senate chamber and checked in with a fellow Michigan grad who has a good view right in the middle of the Capitol (Pres. Gerald R. Ford).

It’s only 50 miles from DC to Baltimore, but the drive took over 2 hours. Sounds like they need to give the Michigan IOE department a ring to come fix this my god. The traffic was so bad, the Spotify playlist started playing songs I forgot even existed. When we finally emerged in Baltimore, we were greeted by the Octopedes and Sirens, two groups at Johns Hopkins. We shared some songs and stories as we wound down the night after a long day of adventure and travel.

Now let’s say something nice about every G

Nick - Really becoming a great leader and has elevated our music to another level

Spencer - Gets multiple calls from modeling agencies every day and pretends it’s his mom

Conrad - The GPEAT (Greatest President Emeritus of All Time)

Kyle - That’s MY president #Kim2032

Danny - Most loving individual ever to enter the world. Also the big baller tour manager

Thomas - Perfect comic relief at any moment of the day.

Evan - please listen to this man sing holy diver

Jake - Future Nobel Prize chemistry winner. You heard it here first

Brian - this guy STINKS

George - most improved hooper this tour

Jeremy - we appreciate jeremy’s upcoming contribution to the g men endowment fund

Adreesh - who doesn’t love Adreesh? I’ll wait

Austin - we miss you Austin <3

David - tu nous manques david <3

Daniel - let ME love YOU ;)

Ajay - A ball of sunshine

The G-Men