Day 2

Saturday, March 2 - An unnamed G jumped on me at 3 in the morning

Before leaving for our next stop, we went to Brueggers for a hearty breakFast with some of the Originals. We then set off for a 5 hour trek to Charlottesville, Virginia and the University of Virginia. We decided to take the scenic route through the mountaIns and the views did not disappoint. Jeremy pointed me towards a loTtery machine at a gas station and I won $3 off a $1 scratch off ticket Neva Lost.

Upon our arrival in Charlottesville, we were met by our amaZing hosts for the night, The Flying Vs, a rock a caPpella group at UVA. After spending some quality time with our hosts, we met up with another group, the New Dominions, and heLd a pop-up performance at The Downtown Mall. Some random guy thrEw a $20 bill at us which will be put to good use at the toll booths. Thanks rAndom guy!


Guoden Ramsay’s restaurant reviews #2 - Marco & Luca Dumplings (again, feel free to skip)

After the pop-up performance, a couple of members from the Flying Vs took me, Evan and Thomas to Marco & Luca Dumplings, a local staple for dumplings, buns and Chinese noodles. I had an order of pan fried pork and chive dumplings and an order of cold sesame noodles. The dumplings were on the smaller side in terms of wrapper and filling, but the flavor and the soy - chili oil sauce was excellent. The wrapper had a nice criSpy edge and the filling had a good balance between meat and spice. The sesame noodles were very good and had some nice cucumber to balance out the sweetness of the sauce. My only slight criticism was it was a bit heavy on the sauce, which made the noodles a bit over-sauced and the sesame flavor a bit overpowering. Overall, this small shop served up some really nice, tasty Chinese treats. The line was a bit long but the service was prompt and the owner even came by to make sUre our food was up to standards… definitely recommend this place to anyone rolling through Charlottesville.

Quick pregame to the pregame at our hosts house before going to the pRegame. Some already couldn’t hang…

Quick update on Adreesh’s eye injury: he is fine and has identified a probable cause as a face mask treatment he underwent with Danny last week.

The night endEd with a baller party hosted by the members of the UVA A Cappella coMmunity. One of our hosts, Tori, showed us a GOAT late night food place at 1am called Cookout we need one of thEse in a2.

jordan… did you figure it out?

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