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Ann Arbor, MI

The G-Men (or Gentlemen for long) are the premier all-male a cappella group at the University of Michigan. They are known for their massive triceps, fanatical obsession with guppies, and for rocking audiences with the power of 100 raging Mark Ruffalos.


Tour Blog

From February 23 - March 4, 2018, The G-Men will embark on a tour of the Midwest on a mission to have the best spring break anyone has ever had had in the history of mankind. Current G Brian "Coach" Guo will post a daily blog, recapping the day's events and providing insight into life on G-Men TOUR. 


The G-Men

Wednesday, February 28 - Wake up, it's WATERPARK DAY. The boys rolled out of the Iowa House Hotel and took the road to Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells, the "Waterpark Capital of the World." First, chef Guoden Ramsay and his sous chefs took to Walmart to purchase ingredients for tonight's dinner and tomorrow's breakfast.

After stocking the fridge, it was on to Kalahari and we settled into what can best be described as a hotel accommodation fit for Lavar Ball himself. The multilevel villa had beds for all 14 G-Men (possibly a tour first), a pool table, a full kitchen and multiple basketball viewing areas. It was a welcome shift from the carpeted floors and squishy sardines situations traditionally found on tour. 

After some chill time, it was time to hit the WATERPARK. The G-Men had been cutting for 3 months in preparation to hit the tropical conditions of the indoor waterpark. As a result of it being a Wednesday in late February, the waterpark wasn't very busy and we were able to go on all of the rides as many times as our little hearts desired. One of the rides was pretty wild; you would stand in a capsule and the floor would simply drop under you and send you straight down the slide at the speed of human. Also, in the water basketball match, Jake, Conrad, Thomas, Adreesh and Danny defeated Brian, Kyle, David, Nick and Owen 11-7 in an intense and hard-fought battle. 

Waterparks are very tiring, and it was time for Guoden and his staff to prepare tonight's supper. The menu consisted of ground chuck burgers with sharp cheddar cheese, buttered buns and toppings, premium Tyson chicken nuggets, fresh Walmart rotisserie chicken and hand-made french fries by sous chef Austin Wolfgram. The burgers came out a perfect medium and Austin's fries put McDonald's to shame. 

The Bucks lost to the Pistons, which means they're 1-4 since tour started (sorry Nick). 

The rest of the night has been restful and the boys are happy to get a day off of gigging, but that won't stop anyone from giving their boisterous rendition of "Who Am I" or "Stars" from Les Mis. One day more, another day another city, this never ending road to ___stay tuned to find out___


































Sorry for the long post - Brian