Thursday, March 1 - (disclaimer long post but I promise it's worth it) The day began with Guoden Ramsay whipping up a hot breakfast for the boys consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. Guoden had a short crisis when he realized there was no more cooking oil, but genius struck when he realized he could use the bacon fat from frying the bacon to cook the eggs. Those 16 Michelin Stars were well earned. 

After breakfast, the boys had some free time to either go back to the waterpark, work out, or watch League of Legends YouTube videos. Jake and I decided to hit the waterpark one more time and rode some slides, hit the outdoor hot tub and did some rad tricks on the surf simulator. After our last adventures in Kalahari, it was sadly time to leave and head to our next exciting destination, Madison, Wisconsin. 

IT'S THE BIG GAME. We first stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch Michigan take on Iowa in the second round of the Big Ten basketball tournament. It was a back and forth, intense game that needed overtime to determine a winner. Despite going 3-19 from the three point line (bad) and shooting 56% from the free throw line (also bad), Michigan pulled out a 77-71 win and advanced (good), which put everyone (especially me) in a good mood for the rest of the day. 

After a big meal and big win, we met up with our hosts, Pitches and Notes, and explored some of Madison, a city so beautiful and plentiful of great food choices I considered transferring to Wisconsin until I realized that wouldn't be a good idea. We also ventured down to frozen Lake Mendota and threw the football around while sliding around like curlers on a curling rink. After, we took a stroll down State Street and visited some shops and caught a glimpse of the Wisconsin State Capitol, which is the only state capitol that is built on an isthmus (bonus points if you know what an isthmus is). 

Next up, a pizza party with Pitches and Notes. As people tried to learn everyone's names and find out who was actually in charge, we enjoyed a dinner provided by P&N of pizza, salad, and some good salt and vinegar chips. After, we shared some of our songs with each other and not surprisingly, P&N were AMAZING and their renditions of Machine, This is Me and The Valley were powerful and musically engaging. THEY'RE REALLY GOOD GO SHOW SOME LOVE ON THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE AND YOUTUBE AND ALL THAT JAZZZZZZZZZ

Lastly, it was time for a little get together to wind down the night. Jordan and Grace, two members of P&N, hosted all of us and also let us play with their pet rats, Chester and Malcolm. These were not your typical sewer rats. They were adorable little animals that loved climbing onto your back and interacting with new people. I also wrote a poem from fridge magnets that I thought y'all would appreciate! P&N were an awesome group to hang out with and we were super stoked to learn that they would be performing at our ICCA semifinal in 2 weeks so we'd get to see them again in the near future!

With three more days left in TOUR, I realize I didn't introduce the entire group to the viewing audience, so here's a list of all the G-Men on tour and some of their qualities...

David - Charming, dependable, ladies man. Never afraid to tell you how wonderful you are. 

Conrad - Leader, charismatic, happy boy. Knows what needs to be done and how to have fun!

Evan - Always has a better solution to any problem, cares for us all no matter what

Austin - NEVA UNHAPPY. This boy got more energy than a nuclear fission reaction. It's great

Thomas - Need a pick me up? He's got his moped and his delightful personality!

Jeremy - GODDAMN GENIUS. If you got a higher gpa you lying 

Kyle - Beyoncé's protégé, beautiful face, Korean, HYPEBEAST

George - Deep voice, deep feelings. Loves conversation and being a bright light in someone's day

Owen - Team player, straight up. Loves conversation (must be a bass thing) and always charming

Adreesh - Lovable. Great smile, always there for others and ready to get HYPEEEEEEEEEE

Jake - Who doesn't love Jake? He's literally a walking hug machine

Danny - Just the happiest, most excited person at all times no matter what. Everyone loves Danny

Nick - Human garageband. Knows his way around the rhythm of the music and life

Brian - He sucks man ain't nobody like brian 

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to Daniel who isn't with us on tour, but is a current G and is at home studying for the MCAT. We love Daniel for his positivity, energy and spirit he brings to The G-Men.

Wipe away your tears of joy and pat yourself on the back for reading all of this. It's late, I gotta wake up pretty early, and see y'all tomorrow :) - Brian


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